Poker Roulette Gaming Rentals California

There’s nothing quite like stepping inside of a casino and feeling the rush of adrenaline that comes along with it. At Casino Magic Parties, we specialize in providing people with that same sense of excitement by turning any home, business, or event venue into a Las Vegas-style casino. We offer everything from poker and roulette gaming table rentals in California to table rentals for craps and blackjack so that you and your guests can enjoy a high-stakes night of gambling without putting up any real money.

Casino Magic Parties will do more than just provide you with table rentals for poker, roulette gaming and other casino games in California. We will also set you up with green felt layouts, just like the ones used in real casinos, high-quality chips, and even experienced and professional dealers who will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. Our dealers can explain the rules associated with poker, roulette, blackjack, craps and more to novice players, or get right into it with the experts. Either way, people are sure to have a blast during your casino party!

From the moment you set foot in your personal casino, you will feel like you’re standing in the real thing. The blackjack poker table rentals will fill up with people excited to shuffle up and deal, while the roulette gaming table rental will be surrounded with those hoping and praying for the roulette ball to land on their lucky number. Prefer the thrill of a dice game? Place your bets and try your hand at a game of craps. With Casino Magic Parties, your casino party will go off without a hitch and everyone can go home a winner.

To reserve a poker or roulette table rental from Casino Magic Parties or to inquire about the other featured games we offer, such as Wheel of Fortune, pai gow, blackjack or craps, call us at 800-905-2222 today.